"Presenting JXTA-Sim, a simulator for studying and evaluating the JXTA lookup algorithm. The aim of this project is to allow researchers using the simulator, to study and evaluate an hybrid search algorithm under different parameters and to test applications that are built on top of it." [From JXTA-Sim: A simulator for evaluating the JXTA Lookup Algorithm]


JXTA-Sim Source. JXTA-Sim is available under the LGPL license.

JXTA-Sim: A simulator for evaluating the JXTA Lookup Algorithm. S. Garcia-Esparza, MSc. Thesis introducing JXTA-Sim

S. Garcia-Esparza and R. Meier, JXTA-Sim: Simulating the JXTA Search Algorithm, The 7th IEEE International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 2010 (DCAI'10), 79, Springer Verlag - Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing, 2010, pp517 - 524 

People Involved

Sandra Garcia-Esparza & Dr. René Meier



"Presenting JXTA-Sim2, an extension of the functionality provided by JXTA-Sim to support all network node types, build a more realistic network for simulation and implement the JXTA protocol for the generation of a distributed routing table." [From JXTA-Sim2: A simulator for the core JXTA protocols]


JXTA-Sim2 Source.

JXTA-Sim2: A Simulator for the core JXTA protocols. P. Dolan, MSc. Thesis, 2010.

People Involved

Paul Dolan & Dr. René Meier


Coming Soon...


The JXTA-Sim simulator has been build on the PlanetSim P2P framework. We would like to thank the PlanetSim team for their support during the development of JXTA-Sim.